"My Professors At Harvard Should Be Paying You 200K For This Technology."


...And I said ‘fu’.


09 23 18 03

Imagine the wild scene...

225+ guys locked in a Vegas ballroom.

Then at one point, mysteriously almost a third of them gets out of their chairs... practically stampede to the back of the room... pull out their credit cards... and pre-order a program worth at least $3000.

Incredibly they did this WITHOUT being pitched. Without being “sold”.

How was this possible, you wonder?

No, I didn’t trick them. I didn’t hypnotize them either.

Over 50 fortunate guys bought an at the time, unreleased program called…

They were blown away.

I want you to keep in mind Power Influence is about persuading with 1000% integrity.

So if you’ve ever silently wondered “how the hell does Jason do that?”... how I’m able to sell literally millions of dollars both online and in person, with honor, respect and integrity, you’ll discover how in this extraordinary program.

You see, against advice of counsel, I wanted to pre-sell 50 spots of my new program.

Yet I didn’t want to pitch my guys, my brothers in arms. I didn’t want to take away one minute of them learning all the cool shit I had brought them together for.

My business advisors told me it couldn’t be done...

“Sell 25% of the room an $1800 program without a pitch? You’re crazy, Jason.”

I told them...

“Fuck you, watch me. I’m doing it.”

I didn’t sell 50. I sold 57.

Technically, that’s a 29% conversion rate.

Yeah, almost 30% of the room.

(Listen, whenever somebody tells you you can’t do something? That’s your cue to prove them wrong.)

You see, they may have known about sales, but they didn’t have a clue about Power Influence.

Which is exactly what I used to achieve that incredible result.

And that’s not all you can
use Power Influence for...

You can use Power Influence with anything and anyone.

Here’s what’s inside Power Influence…

Now imagine
something else…

Now imagine employing and deploying STATUS and Power Influence at the same time. Imagine your life and everything you’ll be able to do.

You’ll be unstoppable. As a Man. As a Lover. As a Warrior. As a King in your own domain.

And if that wasn't enough to turn even the most average of men into a respected KING,

Here's the Deal of a Lifetime…

No joke, I make millions a year with Power Influence technology. Literally millions.

Over the past 5 years, I’ve searched out, documented and employed hundreds of secrets of ethical persuasion and influence in my business.

ALL with devastating effect.

Not only that, but in one venue or another, I’ve charged literally thousands of dollars for badasses like you to be trained in the use of these mindsets, strategies and tactics.

I’ll share a secret. There’s a reason there
was a stampede for this course...

Because these 57 ultra-ambitious badasses like you, saw with their own eyes, the nuclear impact of this technology.

They witnessed it’s almost lethal execution. (And Dustin proved it at the Lambo dealer.)

They were at the receiving of this persuasion onslaught…


“Jaw dropping” I was told multiple times.

If you saw me doing EXACTLY what you’ve always wanted for yourself... AND if I made an insane offer to help you learn it over the course of 42 days (yes, there’s 42 freaking days worth of video instruction)... it would pretty damn hard to say “no thanks, Jason”, agreed?

So given the life (as well as bank account) transforming value of this program, compared to my other elite-level courses, I’ve decided to keep the price modest and affordable.

You deserve this. And I want you to have it.

That’s why, when you click the button below, the price of the 23-Component Online System is not $5,000 or $4000 or $3000 like I would normally charge for a program of this caliber... but when you click the button below, you’ll pay only $297.

Remember, this is the LAST TIME the Power Influence System will be available. After this ends...your only chance to learn this from me personally will be GONE.

Don't waste another second, click the link below to make sure:.


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09 23 18 03

Plus – You’ll Get Instant Access

Yes, You’ll be getting instant and lifetime access to the exclusive Private Members Area where we'll be adding new un-announced bonuses and updates.

I can’t wait for you to watch these videos.

You’ll be BLOWN AWAY

Guys have told me that even within the first five minutes, ideas are popping like popcorn.

Please understand, the information on these video can create new wealth...

… they can get you a better deal on almost everything...

… they can get you a new job, or a better one...

… a raise or promotion is almost inevitable...

… not to mention a hotter girlfriend.

Without these videos? You’re at a SUPREME disadvantage.

In other words? YOU’RE FVCKED.

You’re naked. Without armor or shield.

People easily take advantage of you, getting you to do things that are against your best interest.

However, with this information? You’re impervious to others’ power plays.

Instead, they’re dancing to your tune.

And all this life-changing information is just a few seconds away when you click the button below.

Yeah, I know... it’s pretty damn insane.

So go ahead and click the button now. However...

A Strong Word of Warning

Let’s be clear: I want to put this program in your hands.

I want you to learn it.

Use it.

Benefit massively from it.

That said, if you dare even think of using this powerful influence technology to get an UNFAIR or unethical advantage over people…

… if you think you need to win at others’ expense…

… if you think it’s ok to scam, defraud and basically fuck over somebody... click away now.

If you’re thinking of all the ways you can screw over people with this, Power Influence is not for you.

And if I ever hear about it, I’m going to kick your ass. Plain and simple.

Power Influence 23-Component System is for Team Capital guys who want to make an incredible difference in the lives of others, but just lack the influence and persuasion skills to do so.

Assuming that’s you, click the button below now.

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1 x Payment of $297

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Limited... Time Sensitive...
and Urgent

Only Available For Another...

09 23 18 03


This is the LAST TIMEThe Power Influence System Will Be Available!

That means exactly what it says. I'm truly torn about the release of this training. I am only going to keep it open this week.


Like I've said all along, this was supposed to be private from the get-go. We have footage in here of stuff that shows
you how to make a million dollars in a day.

We have footage in here of stuff that shows you how to turn an innocent virgin into your own personal, bisexual stripper.

We even have footage that takes you behind-the-scenes and into the tactics of the world's most powerful politicians and
alpha male celebrities. Talk about "going behind the lines". 

This is kinda like minutes before a club closes, the music’s winding down, it’s last call for alcohol and you see that hot girl you've been eyeing all night at the bar all alone.

What are you going to do?

Of course, you’re going to make your move.

And that’s basically what I’m telling you now...

MAKE YOUR MOVE. Or you’ll miss out and it’ll be too late.

Because Power Influence *WILL* change your life. I guarantee.

Yes, I Guarant-fvcking-tee

As you already know, unlike others, I have no qualms at all giving you a 60 days no-holds-barred, Jason Capital guarantee.

If you don’t like it, if you don’t want this 42-day online training, just contact me and I’ll give you a full, no questions asked refund.

Simple as that.

Of course, I don’t expect that to happen. What I really expect to happen is to get a email from you saying something like this:

“Jason, you’re a genius. Power Influence is going to change my life. I know this now. I’m only on day three and I can feel the power surging through my veins. It’s like when Peter Parker was bitten by that genetically modified spider in Spider Man. Power Influence is MY superpower.”


Only 1 Payment of $2997 $297

1 x Payment of $297

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To Taking Control of Your Destiny,

Jason Capital
Success Trainer To Millions

P.S. What if... to become supremely powerful and influential... regardless of the social circle... whether it’s at your job, in your company, with girls, with friends… all you had to do was watch 23 short but powerful Components?

Becoming more powerful and influential would practically be done for you, wouldn’t it?

THAT is my goal for Power Influence.

And every time you listen, you move ever closer to becoming a master of influence and persuasion.

The applications are endless.

The potential for profit? UNLIMITED.

Don’t miss out. Don’t let this opportunity slip like sand through your fingers...

This is just too important.

I’ll even refund you if you don’t think it’s everything I say it is.

But listen. If you're still reading this letter, chances are "YOU BLEW IT!" or "IT'S TOO LATE!"

Hurry up and click the link below and pray to God you haven't missed your window of opportunity yet.

This is Your ONLY Chance To Learn The
Power Influence System Before It Disappears

There are no second chances here.

Once this sale is over - THAT'S IT.

Look, I went from being a lonely virgin to a Millionaire Playboy and struggled to accumulate this material over the years.

You get to bypass the whole learning curve and go to the head of the class in minutes.

If you don't take advantage of this now, you WILL regret it.

So there's only one thing left to say...

Go ahead and get Power Influence and watch your life take on a whole new dimension.

Do what a Jason Capital, Team Capital badass does in moments of decision where his future destiny is on the line…


09 23 18 03

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Only 1 Payment of $2997 $297

1 x Payment of $297

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Here’s what Power Influence Customers had to say
about their results with it. They asked to share
these testimonials with you on the SAME DAY they
learned Power Influence, because they felt it was
that good and that you needed to hear it right away

Listen to more...

This is amazing... exceeded my expectations so much

Better than anything I've ever experienced before...

Dude... it was f*cking amazing...

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Only 1 Payment of $2997 $297

1 x Payment of $297

Save $2,300 Before It's Gone For GOOD!

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